Today is a great day on the foreign policy front

Today is a great day on the foreign policy front as talks have been announced between the United States and the Taliban.

President Obama deserves credit for this accomplishment. Diplomacy should be the first option in resolving disputes and not the last.

It will be a long and tough road to find common ground and areas where the different parties can agree on.

It is a welcome relief to see that negotiation is back on the table. We often hear from the extremes these days. One side of the political spectrum in the United States has wanted the United States to withdraw immediately and the other side finds weakiness in negotiations, and they would seem to be only happy when we are at war.

War should be the final option and the doctrine of pre-emptive war has been discredited.

The neighbors of Afghanistan and Pakistan need to be part of a long term solution. With India, Pakistan and China being nuclear powers, each country has common interests to find peace in the region.

If the United States were to just up and leave Afghanistan, problems would still exist in the region. It will be best for all concerned to work out an agreement.

In the future it is hoped that relations can improve between India and Pakistan.

Let us hope that in the future we finally realize that war is not an answer. Hatred and violence leads to only more death and destruction.

Let us hope for every success in Doha.


3 responses to “Today is a great day on the foreign policy front

  1. It’s nice to be able to read your opinion on this subject. For people like me that don’t know much about this;it is very nice to read

  2. The fact is that war, in general, is discredited, and has never resolved any problem. In fact war only creates new ones to be dealt later with new wars. If war was not enveloped with the myths of glory, heroism, courage and reported as it really is the world population would be revolted. This is not a reproach to the soldiers who are sent into battle by their misguided leaders; they are the heroes who have to follow orders and suffer the most and often for the rest of their lives. Negotiation is the only answer and war only as beyond the last of last resort.

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