Today will hopefully weather permitting allow the renewal of one of sports greatest rivalries, the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I must admit that as a youngster growing up in New Orleans, I got caught up in the excitement of the legendary World Series contests between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers of the 1950’s.

At first I was a big Yankee fan. Who didn’t like to watch Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra? Watching them being managed by Casey Stengal was a hoot.

Once I moved out to Los Angeles, I became a Dodger fan. After all the Dodgers were now the home team.

Vin Scully and Sandy Koufax!!! Wow! What wonderful memories of a childhood now gone but treasured memories never the less.

For years the dreaded Yankees had the Dodgers number. But once the Bums moved to Los Angeles things seemed to change as the Dodgers began to win world’s championships. The Dodgers high water mark was sweeping the Yankees in the 1963 World Series. I actually saw the two games played in L.A. at the new Dodger Stadium.

Those were the golden years of baseball for me. You carried around a transistor radio, where ever you went so you could listen to Vin Scully.

This years Dodger team has been a disappointment so far and the Yankees have had injury problems, too.

But today that will all be forgotten as the teams suit up in their Yankee pinstripes and Dodger Blues and renew a great rivalry.

I’d like to hear from all of you and what your memories are like regarding this storied rivalry of what has been America’s Passtime.



  1. I remember growing up with my father who loved baseball. The good ‘ol days where he took to me to Dodger Stadium to see the game. We ate Dodger dogs.

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