It won’t be long before the 2013 NFL fantasy football season begins. It is right around the corner.

I have been involved as a fantasy football commissioner for over 20 years and I have enjoyed doing a weekly commentary during those years.

I hope that this blog will be a fun place for football fans and especially fantasy football fans can talk about the season.

This season will be particularly entertaining and different because of the different role that certain quarterbacks will have in the lead option form of attack. Will the NFL defensive coordinators develop defenses that will stop these new offenses? The 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks had a great deal of success last year with the lead option offense.

Will the new coach for the Eagles, Kelly bring success to the Eagles with his fast break kind of offense that he had a lot of success with at Oregon? Will Kelly’s new offense breathe new life into Michael Vicks’s career will be answered as welll?

It’s almost time to start preparing for the draft. So if you would like to have some fun when things get too serious come here and let’s talk about weekly matchups, getting ready for the draft and other fantasy football questions.

In a time when life can be too serious football can be a great relief. Politics and sports are the two greatest spectator sports.

As Earl Warren, the late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court once said, he read the sport’s page first because it was the only place in the newspaper where you could read about man’s accomplishments.

Have a great day!


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