Here we are in the 21st Century and men still don’t get it, and this is coming from a man. What we don’t get is that women are very much the equal of men.

Our Republican party in the United States and Fox News in particular, are living proof that sexism and male chauvinism are alive and well. Fox News has bemoaned the fact that women make up the majority of the bread winners in households and the recent comments of one Fox commentator illustrate the fact that the war on women continues.

Each day brings with it new and equally weird and extreme comments about women from the statements about rape to the statement that women should know their place are examples of the strangeness of our day and time. Each day brings with it new revelations regarding sexual harassment. In fact, Fox seems to revel in their continued sexual assaults on women.

I have a daughter and I am darn proud of her. I would want the very best for her and that she should have along with all women, the opportunity to reach for any goal and not worry about whether being a woman will restrict her.  The sky is really the limit, she could even become President of the United States.

Rape is rape no matter how men would like to parse the word. Discrimination is wrong. Throughout the world women should be treated with respect. There should be no sexual discrimination. We should all have the same rights under the law.

The place to repudiate these extreme and archaic views regarding male superiority should be at the polls. Women and men who remember that they too have sisters, mothers and wives need to exercise the power of their vote and let their voices be heard. Our laws need to reflect that everyone irrespective of their sex should be treated equally.

One sometimes wonders if these men who express these outworn and dated ideas towards women have mothers, wives, sisters or daughters. If they do, you would think that they would want the best for their moms, wives, sisters and daughters.

Let us free our women of these archaic practices and unleash the chains of discrimination. Women need to be free of the concern that they could be the victims of violence and abuse.  It is long overdue that women get equal pay for the work that they do.

It is my view that men have held political power for far too long. It would be fascinating to see what women could do if they held power. It is hard to imagine women doing any worse than men have. Maybe we would finally realize that war accomplishes absolutely nothing.


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