Back when Richard Nixon ran for President in the late 1960’s, he had a southern strategy. In the last several years it is curious that the Republican Party seems to now have a strategy regarding women. I think it is more like a death wish than a strategy. Women make up more than half of the electorate and they vote.

Let us leave it to history as to why some men have come out of the closet and have felt free to express their sexist comments and attitudes regarding women. Their comments have been about rape, birth control, abortion, women in the work place and even their right to vote.

Regarding contraception their reasoning if you can call it that, is disguised in religious terms, claiming that the government is forcing people to do something against their catholic beliefs, even though health insurance covers a man’s ability to buy Viagra.

Recently a radio talk show host basically said women should know their place. Men attempt to control women. Women should be able to control their own destiny and their own bodies.

Republicans claim that they are Conservatives. A Conservative to me is a person who wants to preserve what is good in society. There is nothing worthy about discrimination. Freedom is about choices and to attempt to deny women the rights that men have is just plain wrong.

Violence against women has been on the increase. Rape is rape.

Women have a choice. They need to stand up and preserve their rights under the Constitution. They should be heard loud and clear by voting in great numbers to repudiate the Republican Party’s attempts at taking America back to a time when women were treated as second class citizens.

Elect more women! Not just any woman though, find women with character who choose to be a candidate to help others rather than to help themselves.

It is time to break the ultimate glass ceiling and elect a woman for President of the United States. It is time to end the war on women and to show respect and honor our Mothers, our Daughters, Wives, and Sisters. Equal rights should not be a political issue, equal rights should be a reality.


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