As we are about to celebrate our birthday as a nation let us reflect on how important a right the right to vote is.

The 15th amendment to the Constitution is quite clear on the issue of voting. No one and I repeat no one should be denied or have their right to vote abridged by any state.

For nearly 100 years after the amendment was passed, several states enacted literacy tests to limit who could vote. Now states are considering voter ID laws . Are these ID laws a new form of literacy test? Is this a new way to suppress voting? It is alleged that these laws would inhibit the poor and students from being able to vote.

Voting is the biggest and most important way for we the people to let our representatives know how we feel about things. People have died fighting our wars to preserve our rights. People have died just attempting to register voters.

No one should have to stand in line for hours to vote. Let us make it easier for we citizens to vote so that our voices can be heard. There is no greater threat to our Republic than to suppress or deny people the right to vote.

As we celebrate the 4th of July let freedom ring, let us work together for the common good so that we may make our nation greater.


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