As we conclude our holiday week, celebrating our 4th of July Independence Day, another revolution seems to be underway in Egypt.

At first when the Arab Spring allegedly began a few years ago, I had my doubts on whether we were witnessing a true revolution or whether we were just seeing the deck chairs on the Titanic being moved around. This past week or so has shown the world that perhaps, indeed we are witnessing a true revolution where the political structure will really change from what it has been in the past.

It has been nothing short of miraculous, as we have seen literally millions of people take to the streets. Never in the course of human events have we seen anything like what has happened in Egypt. Revolutions do not happen overnight and this has been in the incubator for some time.

Young people across the globe want the same things that all human beings have wanted for centuries. They want a job, food to eat and a roof over their heads and the ability to have and enjoy a family. Government is there to help accomplish these wishes and we have seen time after time that governments are failing to perform these basic tasks. Life is tough enough without hope and it is not surprising to see the youth of the world seek a better life.

Egypt is alone in this search for a better life, we have seen large demonstrations all over the globe. It is my hope that through the continued use of peaceful acts of public discontent progress will be made. I hope that our own Constitution will help provide guidelines for new governments where the source of power comes from the people rather than from the barrel of a gun or a holy book. It is the search for liberty and the pursuit of happiness that unites us all.

As a cautionary warning revolutions are messy just like democracy is a messy form of government. We should all hope that the source of power comes from the people rather than the military. The Thermidore theory of revolution serves as a warning to all. In the past when revolutions have occurred in America, France, Russia, and China we have seen the Moderates initially take over power but change did not occur fast enough for the people and radicals then took over. Only the American Revolution serves as an example of a peaceful transition to another way of life.

It is my hope that Egypt sees itself through these difficult times and finds a way to have the people have the power and not religious leaders nor the military.


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