Hello everyone out there in the blogosphere!  For the Americans out there, I wish we could bring back the old Republican Party. I don’t recognize this one. Who are these masked men and women imposters claiming to be Republicans and conservatives? Who are they kidding?

I had respect for the Barry Goldwater’s , Bob Dole’s, William F. Buckley’s and Nelson Rockefeller’s of a bygone era. An era when their ideas at least made sense, and they shared the common experiences of the Great Depression and the war together with Democrats. It was about what was best for the country. Even if you disagreed with them you knew they had our interests at heart. Their political ideas were grounded in the original conservative Edmund Burkes theories.

Nowadays I feel like I have been time warped back into another century. You know time warped like in the Rocky Horror Show, time warped back into a day when science was denied and reason was forsaken for superstition.

Heck, I wish Republicans were more like Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, those were leaders of our nation, men we honor and respect. I even liked Alf Landon.

All of these leaders were willing to compromise and they were pragmatic, working to find solutions that worked. I only care if an idea works. We can experiment and see what works. I don’t much care for the idea that if you have a set of principles you can’t move from your position no matter what. That might work okay if you are talking about political theory or if you are not holding a political office, but nothing would ever get done if no one compromised.

And HELLO, not everyone can be President. It is the most difficult job in the world. You could probably have 2 presidents, one for domestic affairs and one for foreign relations and still not have enough time in a day to get the job done. Don’t you get the feeling it is a job that is too much for one person?

But no, we now seem to have individuals running for the highest offices in the country that frankly do not have a clue. They don’t know or understand history and they do not understand that they represent we the people not their own particular ideology.

Take the debate now on immigration, some Republicans want to take their ball home and start their own party if immigration reform passes.

Let us take the debate on universal background checks; if you are to own a gun. Here we have 92% of Americans who agree with that idea. Who would want any criminal to own a gun or to have a person with mental health issues owning a gun? The idea of lessening the chance of the wrong person owning a gun only makes common sense. In point of fact, 10% of Americans did not want to go to war with Japan after we were attacked. But no, Congress and particularly Republicans have become the Party of No Way, no way are we going to pass anything no matter how much the American people want it.

So what the heck is going on? When the vast amount of Americans support an idea our representatives in Washington should do the right thing and get something done.

This Congress, so far, is even worse than the last one. The last Congress set a record for doing the least amount of legislation in history. At this pace this one shall set a new record of incompetence.

It is time to ask more of our candidates, to find an encourage the best and the brightest among us to run for office. I’m sorry but the No Way Party, just won’t hack it. These are not traditional Republicans, these are not conservatives in the fine tradition of Goldwater and Buckley. These are radical reactionaries who are so extreme and far out on a limb that I don’t recognize any logic or human kindness nor any interests in what is best for the country in them.

It is hard to know what they are for, because when the President brings out an idea that Republicans have been for, for years, they are now against it.

Their ideas are so extreme that they are bringing back notions of things that we have rejected. Take rape for example, women are the victims of violence, they should not be put on trial for causing what happened. Take the talk now about nullification and seceding from the Union. We fought a great Civil War to settle that issue.

Our nation may be like the quilt of many colors, that gets occasionally worn and frayed, but we are one people of many colors and stripes and we revel in our diversity for that makes our country better for it.

So let us challenge the Republicans to harken back to what they were and remember who they are representing, for they are representing all of us. Bring back the Grand Old Party before it is too late, before it is forever destroyed like the Whig Party before it. If a political party becomes so extreme, it will be condemned to the dustbin of history.


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