This year’s fantasy quarterback group has some key questions that as an owner of a fantasy team you will need to resolve before draft day. Regarding the new hot offense the quarterback lead option, will defensive coordinators catch up and have a linebacker spot the quarterback, in other words follow the quarterback to try to make sure that this new generation of fast quarterbacks doesn’t burn the defense on a running play.

Kelly will bring his college, fast break offense to the NFL. How successful will it be? Will Michael Vick be a good fit for the offense or will, Matt Barkley get an early opportunity to run the offense that Barkley saw first hand at USC.

Future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady will have to contend with missing 2 key players from last year’s offense and an injury plagued tight end who is coming back from a lot of surgeries.

Will Stafford return to form with the Lions and will the Lion defense have improved enough to keep Stafford from having to play from behind all the time?

In San Diego, will Philip Rivers miss Turner, calling plays?

Who is your choice for surprise QB for 2013? Sam Bradford or Tannehill or some one else? And who would that be out there in the blogosphere?


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