Although the NFL, is now a passing league it is still important to have a strong group of running backs on your team. There are but a few, running backs that are highlighted by their respective teams, to carry the offense. With running backs having a history of injuries it is critical to have the best backups that you can draft. The following are my list of the top 30 running backs for this season:

Adrian Peterson

Arian Foster

Doug Martin

Chris Johnson

Trent Richardson

Alfred Morris

Ray Rice

Marshawn Lynch

Matt Forte

C.J. Spiller

Steven Jackson

LeSean McCoy

Lamar Miller

Jamaal Charles

MJ Drew

David Wilson

Reggie Bush

Montee Ball

Stevan Ridley

Frank Gore

Chris Ivory

Darren Sproles

DeMarco Murray

Giovani Bernard

Darren McFadden

Eddie Lacy

Rashard Mendenhall

Ryan Mathews

Daryl Richardson

DeAngelo Williams

There is only one AP, and one Arian Foster, but there are a lot of potential major contributors to your fantasy team on this list of the top 30 running backs. A few running backs such as Reggie Bush and Steven Jackson are with new teams and especially Steven Jackson has a lot of miles on those legs of his. With the new offensive gurus, coaching the Eagles and Bears , there is some uncertainty as to whether Matt Forte and LeSean McCoy will have the same type of influence on their team’s respective offenses. Will the running game be less important for those teams than it was in the past? Who are your picks for running backs that will have a breakthrough season? Are there any rookies you would draft early/ Let’s have some fantasy football talk!!


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