The new season is upon us and our fantasy drafts will occur soon. Since there are few top tier running backs the first round of the draft should include the top running backs if your team hopes to have balanced scoring from your roster. Try not to miss out on a top runner.

In my estimation there are only 2 quarterbacks that could crack the first round because their touchdown production has been so dependable, and surprise this year Tom Brady is not at the top of my list. The future Hall of Fame quarterback is coming into the season with a whole new receiving corps, so watch out.

My fist round includes the following running backs: Adrian Peterson, that was an easy one; Arian Foster, Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch, Ray Rice, Trent Richardson, Alfred Morris and just maybe Chris Johnson.

And what are your thoughts?

The 2 Quarterbacks I would consider drafting in the first round are Drew Brees and Aaron Rogers.


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