Let’s talk about your draft. Today is my fantasy football draft. What will your first round look like? Since top tier running backs are at a premium this year my first round is full of running backs. The conventional wisdom of drafting a running back makes since because if you wait until later, you might get a serviceable back but not one that help you win.

This year’s number 1 pick should be a no brainer. There is only one AP, Adrian Peterson. You would swear that he has a large S hidden under his jersey representing SUPERMAN. Who will be the number 2 pick is a question mark. Ordinarily Arian Foster would be the pick and he still might be, but if you have been paying attention he has been injured, and he has until this past week unable to get ready for the season. He has been Mr. Dependable in the past, but has had a heck of a lot of carries in his relatively brief career. If his health is good now he is deserving of the number 2 spot in the draft. Doug Martin off of his rookie season deserves a hard look for the next pick. Whether to draft C.J. Spiller or Marshawn Lynch next is a tossup. C.J. showed after his last year’s performance with a 6 yard per carry average that he could really be a big boost to your team but he does play for Buffalo. Buffalo has a new coach and after many years of drafting at the top of the for real NFL draft, the team could be ready for a big move upward. They do have a rookie quarterback, so we shall see. However, Marshawn Lynch plays for a team that has been looked at as a Super Bowl favorite which for me means that the team will be in it to win it each week.

There are only 2 quarterbacks that should even be considered for the first round this year and those players are Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees. Brees is still going strong even though, he is getting up there age wise. But Rogers and Brees are dependable to get you those extra points that a lot of leagues give you for over 300 yards passing. And most importantly they are almost guaranteed to give you a lot of TD’s.

Other players to be considered for the first round in your 10 to 12 team formats are as follows: Trent Richardson, Ray Rice, Alfred Morris, LeSean McCoy, Jamaal Charles, Calvin Johnson and Matt Forte. Calvin Johnson is there because he is the number 1 wide receiver and deservedly so. He will give you the TD’s and yardage.

Well, good luck out there in Fantasy land!


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