Hello out there in the blogosphere! I think it is time to remind everyone of why we have politics from the middle as the title of this blog.

The word politics comes from the Greek-politikos, which means of, or for the citizens or people.

We have a Republic, which comes from the word res publica. A public entity whereby those politicians who practice politics work to secure the public good through the ministrations of the most worthy and enlightened men, and in this era that includes the most worthy women.

What inspired me to get into politics was what the ideal of a public servant means. To my way of thinking this is defined as someone who serves others rather than themselves. This is a noble goal to attempt to work on something greater than yourself.

In this era of dysfunctional politics, we still see people who work for the betterment of others. Sadly though, we see too many people in our government who are seeking to serve themselves to the detriment of the common good.

In our historical DNA, pragmatism is a recurrent philosophy and thank God, pragmatism has helped to establish our system of government, and contributed to the great successes that we have had as a nation.

Pragmatism seems to be a forgotten art in today’s world of take no prisoners, winner take all politcs.

Pragmatism is defined as a practical approach to problems and affairs. Or in other words when you try to strike a balance between principles.

If a practical approach had not been used the nation would have ended when it began. The former Northern colonies were free of the institution of slavery, while the Southern states had slavery. The South insisted on maintaining slavery as a condition for the ratification of the Constitution. Without what has been called the Connecticut compromise, there would not have been any union of the former colonies.

The art of politics, in order for it to be successful in the maintainance of public order and the common good of it’s citizens, requires both compromise and pragmatism. In a way, a system of government in order for it to survive must have representatives who are suspicious of absolutes, rigidities, and leave all questions open to reconsideration.

Today both political parties exhibit a tendency to stand their ground unwilling to move off of their principles. This lack of bi-partisanship and a lack of a willingness to compromise puts our very system of government in jeopardy. Madison has warned us of how factionalism was the cause of the demise of all Republics.

If we hear from just both extremes, the middle which I believe most Americans reside, politically, are being ignored and not listened to. Most of us have beliefs that are conservative, liberal and libertarian. We are the middle class, the people politicians come to see in the swing states but sometimes ignored when they get elected.

Marriages don’t last long when each prtner insist that they are right and don’t give in and compromise. Well, governments work that way, as well, and in fact when our representatives refuse to give in at all, government ceases to work.

For those obstructionists in Congress, the politicians of no way, the question arises as to whether or not they are in violation of their oath of office.

In the latter part of the oath, it states, “without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.” Evasion is defined as meaning, avoiding or shirking. They have sworn that the laws be faithfully executed and to support and defend the Constitution. By their inaction and by their failure to pay the money required to enforce the laws on the books, they are shirking their duty as representatives of we the people.

My chief concern is that as a result the efforts of certain, say no to everything politicians, our country will be left with nothing but ashes and rust. The light will go out in the Statue of Liberty, and the classic saying on the statue forgotten. My worry is that our way of life will be forever changed as a result of extremism.


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