We have only one planet, one earth to live on. It is our home. If one looks at the word conservative you would think that from the general meaning of the word, to conserve, to be prudent, one would conclude that it would be to a conservative’s self interest to maintain and preserve what we have on our planet earth. It is not like if we screw the planet up we can get into our stationwagon and drive to somewhere else. We have to take responsibility for taking care of our home.

The current so-called conservatives seem to be more interested in profits than they are in being a good steward of the land. Instead of supporting conservation, they have become the biggest corporate apologists around. 

It is only too human, to want to avoid the problem or to put off working on solutions.

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenger, who I never would have thought I would quote, had something wise to say about climate change deniers. “If ninety-eight doctors say my son is ill and needs medication and two say ‘No, he doesn’t, he is fine,’ I will go with the ninety-eight.”

If we don’t act, Mother Nature will. As the old commercial said, “Don’t fool with Mother Nature.”

The last thing we want is to have planet earth, our home, wind up like Venus.

It is time to unleash America’s innovative abilities and meet the challenges of today.

General Electric for example has a product line featuring new clean energy.

A Green Revolution will bring with it new jobs, new high wage jobs.
With incentives and tax breaks we can make it happen. When we had leadership to inspire us to travel to the Moon, we did it, we can succeed in this as well.

Let’s do it for ourselves, and for future generations.



  1. Sometimes, it blows my mind how much conservatives have changed over the many years, especially when it comes to the environmental movement. Pres. Theodore Roosevelt, although a Republican conservative, founded the National Park system. Now, conservatives are all pro-business and are willing to sacrifice anything, including the environment, for a profit.

    I have a feeling that Teddy Roosevelt is probably turning over in his grave, about now.

    • I admired the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt greatly. The Robber Barons of the Industrial Age, had a greater respect for their nation and community by giving a lot of money to libraries and theatres and other projects. John D. Rockefeller’s son became the person behind Rockefeller Center. These, if I might call them vulture capitalist’s, have no allegiance to anything other than personal profit.

      We need the courage of a Teddy Roosevelt today, to fight the powerful. It should be all about what is best for Main Street and not Wall Street.

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