Let’s have a little truth telling. Today’s so-called conservatives claim that they want border security sufficient enough to prevent the illegal entrance of non-citizens through our borders. They claim that they are not against immigration.

Nativism is a policy of protecting the interests of native inhabitants against the interests of immigrants. Well, the conservative of today might not be against all immigration but they surely do not support the immigration of those who come from Mexico, Latin America, South America, Africa and Asia. All you have to do is to read one of the lions of conservative talk radio, Mark Levin’s books, ” Liberty and Tyranny,” to discover his truth.

America has seen this type of a fear of strangers before. The quotas enacted by the 1924 Immigration Act, are a perfect example of xenophobia. If you were from Western Europe we wanted you. If you were from Southern Europe and Russia forget it. We had the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 for example.

Although we have been a nation of immigrants from the very beginnings of our country’s history, different immigrant groups have experienced bigotry and hatred, such as the Irish and the Italians.

The word alien has become a perjorative, a cuss word, as if immigrants are from another planet. Now we see conservatives deny the meaning of the 14th Amendment and claim that if a foreign born person has a child in the United States, that child is not a citizen. People of Mark Levin’s ilk claim that the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment was only intended to establish citizenship for former slaves.

In 1898, in the US versus Wong Kim Ark, the court held that a person becomes a citizen as a result of where the child or infant was born, and the court cited the 14th Amendment to the Constitution as the source of its decision.

The United States is a nation that accepts people as citizens on the basis of two legal concepts, jus soli by right of soil and jus sanguines by right of blood.

The court set the criteria for an infant to be able to claim citizenship: Number 1. if you were born in the United States.
2. If the parents that are subjects of a foreign power, but not by diplomatic official capacity.
3. His parents have a permanent domicile and residence in the United States.
4. If the parents are in the United States on business.

The language of the citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment is quite clear, there are no exceptions. When you realize that the citizenship clause is part of a clause that gives to all Americans the right of due process and equal protection before the law, it flies into the face of logic to believe that somehow the rest of the clause belongs to all of us and the first part does not.

The authors of the 14th Amendment did intend the citizenship clause to give legal authority to those born in our country because of the Dred Scott decision, which claimed that slaves are property. It thus overturned the Scott decision.

Conservatives have a problem with the Hart Celler Act which was passed under Lyndon Johnson. It’s intent was to do away with racially based quotas.

Let there be no doubt that a lot of the angst regarding immigrants legal or not is based upon racism and the fear irrational that it may be that somehow our culture will be ruined if immigrants are allowed in from certain parts of the world.

America has a peculiar affect on second generation Americans, they want to be like their friends at school. We need not be fooled or made fearful of strangers if they are not white or speak another language. Hateful comments and acts were committed against the Irish for years, but now they may come into this country illegally through Canada, but I do not hear anyone complain.We are the melting pot of the world and we are better for it. We all share the same belief that we are Americans. We are all Americans no matter what color of skin we have or what language we speak or whatever customs they bring with them from their country of origin. Let us rejoice in our diversity.


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