The shutdown of the government in the United States continues. Through the actions of a few, the suffering of many Americans begins. This is nothing short of a tyranny of the minority committed against America. 

We are truly witnessing a historic event. If one can believe people like Michele Bachman, this has been planned for 2 years. This is an attempt to dictate by threat and intimidation, and thus threaten the very structure of our government. By old standards this would be considered treason.

Treason is defined as an act of betrayal, treachery, a breach of allegiance to one’s state. Our state is our nation. These are not the actions of individuals intent on keeping faith with their oath of office, but rather these are the acts of individuals intent on bringing down the government. They have betrayed their oath of office and by bringing the government down by refusing to pay it’s bills, they have betrayed their trust with the people.

These have been the willful acts of a few to the detriment of the many, but these acts are acts of treason. They may not be acts from a far, but never the less, their actions are creating pain and disruption for millions and it promises to get much worse. Our economy will be hurt, and lives damaged by these domestic acts of betrayal. 

The pretext for their action of shutting down the government is that they allege that they want to defund The Patient Protection, Affordable Care Act. We as a nation have a democracy and a republic, once an act has been passed in our democratic process, we do not have do overs. The ACA is the law of the land. We do not negotiate and give away the store when a criminal has a hostage and has demands, well, our government will never work with a gun to its head.

These men and women who were elected from the Tea Party, and this holds true for some who have been in Washington for some time, did not come to Washington to govern but to destroy the very essence of democracy. Their actions are authoritarian in nature. Their idea of governing is to demand ransom for their votes. This is the definition of tyranny.

We, the people, have one recourse, and that is to throw them out of office. Let us hope that the shutdown ends before the damage becomes so great that we will all suffer long term harm. The arc of freedom is forward and not backwards. It is up to us to send the ultimate message to those crazies who would destroy our democracy, let us vote them out of office


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