Each day, we march ever closer to financial Armageddon. And each day I ask myself, how did we get to this place? It is insane to think that there will be no serious financial consequences if we, the United States of America, default on our financial obligations. So get your sign ready, like the days of old, and have it say, Brother can you spare a dime?


In politics there is a wise saying: Follow the Money!!!! Well, in this case, it is not hard to track down where the money and with it power and influence is coming from.

The Koch Brothers along with talk radio are spreading the Gospel of let’s let government fail. Let’s take the debt ceiling hostage.
They are the main backers of Senator Ayn Rand Paul for President.

Texas has it all, Senator Ted Cruz and the former owners of Clear Channel communications living amongst the immigrants that they want to self deport.

Let us not forget that the seeds of the belief system that the Koch brothers share comes from their father who helped start the John Birch Society.

And let’s hear from the chorus, Clear Channel Communications, who helped bring Rush Limbaugh to the air.

They had to take Clear Channel communications private not long ago, and helped bail them out financially? You guessed it, Bain Capital, the our Man Mitt, vulture capitalist company. Bain Capital with the smiling face of Mitt, puts a smile on outsourcing our jobs away.

If you don’t think defaulting on our debt is serious just read that paragon of liberalism, the Wall Street Journal, for October 8, 2013. Reading that will give you a new sense of reality if we default.

Regarding seniors and Social Security and Medicare, November 1st is a key date if we don’t solve these self-inflicted pain issues.

“After the Mid-October deadline, when the Treasury says they will have only 30 Billion remaining to pay bills,” Social Security payments to retirees and Medicare will become a real problem.

After November 1, $50 billion is due for Medicare, Social Security and military pay. November 15 is another problem date when approximately 30 billion is due, to pay the interest on the debt.

The current crisis is not a crisis that the leaders of either political party started. It is a creation of the Tea Party who seem to be gleeful for what they have wrought.

Government by intimidation is not government but tyranny.



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