Do you ever get up in the morning asking the question how did I get to this place? Well, I find myself asking that question a lot these days. Like the song from Talking Heads, I ask myself, how did we get to this place to where we no longer have the wonderful house with the wonderful wife, we have a dysfunctional house where the crazies are running the asylum.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,  we have in this corner, Senator Ted Cruz, an illusionist who thinks that government will work if we don’t have one. He is wearing black trunks. He is the new darling of the Tea Party. A potential candidate for President of the United States. Yes, I am not joking, he is a possible candidate for President. His religion of choice is that he is a Christian Dominionist. No this is not some new sex game. He believes in a theocracy, where Christianity will be the nations religion, and it their duty to run the country.

In the other corner we have that great American, Congresswoman Michele Bachman, that noted historian who thinks that Paul Revere helped the British. She, too, is a candidate for what some people are asking, but she will tell you she ran for President of the United States. She is in white trunks, because she sees the light. She will tell you we are at the end of times. 

In the second bout of the evening we have Governor Perry of Texas. He pretends to not be a racist but on his land that he uses for hunting, his property proudly announces the name of the rock formation as Niggerhead. He sees no problem in having that word define what he stands for. He, too, has ambitions for the highest office in the land.

Governor Perry is fighting that other Tea Party great, Ayn Rand (Rube) Paul, senator from Kentucky. Paul is backed by those great secret John Birchers, the Koch brothers. Secession is in the air and nullification is one of their strategies. 

There other notable strategies are the use of voter suppression, Freedom Works, and it only works for those who are white and have money and ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and let us not forget the other sponsor of this fight to kill democracy as we know it the NRA. 

If this wasn’t so serious, I’d be laughing my head off. Wall Street is no longer laughing and they are starting to look for candidates who understand that compromise is not a dirty word but a word that defines what politics and governing are all about.

These would be politicians are willing to shut down the government, again. They believe that they stand on principle but what they are standing on is quicksand because if we don’t get our house in order our democracy will sink into oblivion. Cause of Death, excessive partisanship. The why of it, is the most curious and baffling question, I suggest following the money to find the clues as to who is financially backing this insanity. 

Some of the rich, don’t care because they have theirs, and they will be protected if the whole thing crashes down, because they live in walled communities.

The camp followers are inspired by fear, fear of change, bitterness because life did not turn out the way you had hoped it would. They are the Tea Party fans, fearful of immigrants, scared of those who don’t look like them or talk like them. They were the ones who thought the Russians were coming, they thought Eisenhower was a Communist. 

I worry about the masses of people, who only watch Fox News and listen to Rush Limbaugh and others like Mark Levin, are like sheep, unwilling to listen to reason or science. If you in essence only have one ideologically based source for information, the likelihood that you might not understand your true rights as guaranteed under the Constitution is enhanced. If branch of a political party uses the tactics of the big lie and guilt by association, democracy and our republic is endangered and under fire.


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