With a void in party leadership, non-elected individuals have seen their influence in the Republican Party grow. Historically, former Presidents and others have maintained party leadership. Now Roger Ailes of Fox, Rupert Murdoch of News Corps, the Koch Brothers and talk radio personalities have seen their power grow, to the point of their being potential kingmakers.

The media mavens use television and radio to inundate the public with misinformation. Some of the public still believes that Obamacare is a government insurance program with death panels. In Covered California, for example, Anthem Blue Cross and Health Net are two of the private insurance companies providing coverage. Obamacare is not the equivalent of Medicare for all, it is a private insurance plan, to insure those who have not been insured.

Some of the tactics used by people like the Koch Brothers, and others are remind one of strategies used in the 19th Century. We see the discredited use of nullification, to thwart the enactment of the Affordable Care Act. Many Republican governors have refused to implement the changes to Medicaid, thereby hurting the poor and the ill.

We will bear the bitter fruits of disunion, if we continue to demean half of our population, by attacking women. The inane and insulting comments about a women’s libido, rape and that a woman’s place is in the home continues unabated.

Many men seem to have missed out on the era that women have gained greater rights, in our society, at the workplace, and in the courtroom. Sorry, the era of men’s superiority over women is over. If you have a family and the wife is the primary breadwinner, so what, get over it; at least some one is working. A marriage is a partnership not a dictatorship.


The bench that was supposed to be full of prospects for the 2016, Presidential campaign is currently bare, full of splinters, as candidate after potential candidate has found his or her way to the
bullpen and onto the Injured Reserve list.

Cruz was born in Canada, Christie could soon be under indictment, Sarah Palin is warming up, Michele Bachman is retiring from the House, and our man Ayn Rand Paul is showing his incompetence. Is Scott Walker the next person to be on the bench waiting for his turn at the plate, or will it be the governor of South Carolina? Is there a spot on the roster for Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana?

We shall wait with anticipation for the next episode of the reality show, The Republican Party whoever they are.



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