At the present time it is clear that it is highly possible that Hillary Clinton may indeed be a candidate for President of the United States. Should sex even be a topic of discussion regarding a person’s candidacy for the highest office in the land?

Is sex a fair topic? Does it speak to a person’s qualifications?

In Hillary Clinton’s particular case, does a husband’s affair matter? Who cares really? If the person can do the job what does it matter what a husband or wife does? I still have not heard Monica complain. It was an intensely personal matter that should be only the business of the person’s involved.

History has shown us that many powerful leaders have had sexual affairs. It seems like only the truly boring ones who accomplish the least have little to report on the sexual activity front. One would hope that we as a nation would grow up and realize that people have sex. It is my view that only if a President’s sexual affairs directly affect the public performance of the duties of the office does it matter. It is truly no one’s business. Let Monica and her dress recede into the back pages of history, where it belongs. I don’t know about you but I am tired of the National Enquirer mentality of how we view people. It is an activity that is beneath us, it is time to grow up and let sex be sex. It is part of life after all. There is a certain voyeur aspect of seeing people buy into reading about gossip and the alleged salacious behavior of our leaders. They should not be expected to be better than we are, they are one of us. Our leaders are human beings, not saints, and even saints had feet of clay. None of us are perfect.

We are too provincial and Victorian in our views towards sex. A person’s private life should be private and remain so. Certain things should be off-limits in our political debates. A person’s family should be off-limits, whether that be a person’s wife, or sibling or children. President Franklin Roosevelt’s dog was even attacked. We should be better than that.
Being President or a public servant should be about finding the best and the brightest among us to serve we the people and not ourselves. Politics should be about ideas and a vision of what direction we should go as a nation. If our political debate devolves into a discussion of sex, we are all the losers. A political party owes the nation a vision of what they are for. They who would have us discuss gossip demeans us all, especially at a time in history when we face critical issues that should demand our full attention. Sex belongs behind closed doors, let us keep it that way.


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