Just when you thought it was safe to go out, the crazies are at it again. Folks you can’t make this stuff up.

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina has just signed a bill to allow a person to carry a gun into a bar. I know South Carolina has always been different, after all, they started the Civil War. Maybe they’ve been watching too many John Wayne movies. I can just see it now, some buckaroo, doesn’t take kindly to the way some equally drunk person looks at him and there is a gun fight in a bar. Insanity reigns supreme! For goodness sakes even President Reagan was against the use of semi-automatic weapons. Is having a gun some kind of masculine symbol that makes a male feel more masculine, in a day when their manliness is seemingly threatened? Perhaps we will see a contest on who has the biggest gun, with the Clint Eastwood comment, “Do you feel lucky?” Well, at least the new bill should keep the police busy. 

Then there is the equally outrageous bill that has been proposed in the Arizona legislature to require proof of citizenship to anyone seeking to go to the bathroom at a public restroom. If that passes that will give new meaning to showing your papers. I would imagine that the Arizona Tourist Bureau will love that idea. I can just see it now, a tourist from Germany being asked to show their papers before going to the bathroom. Aren’t we just becoming wonderful little Nazis? 

Then there are the absolutely ridiculous comments from several Republicans like the current Governor of Georgia and Senator Blount of Missouri who state that if you sign up for health insurance it helps you become lazy! What? The Senator benefits from the best health care package available. Does that make him more lazy than other people? Really! 

As our great political philosopher Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” And all of us know that you can not fix stupid.


I thought I had heard the ultimate, the prize winning, most stupid statement last week that could not be topped. This Congressman from Texas whose name escapes me for the moment actually said that wind power is finite and that if we use too much of it the earth will warm. HMMMN! He must be one of those flatearthers.
I am asking for help. I want to make a top ten list of the most outrageous comments that have been made by a politician in the last 5 years. You know kind of like the David Letterman list. I guess they have even come up with a name for some of these statements; they are now called Teabonics.


3 responses to “THE CRAZIES ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!!

  1. It blows my mind how intelligent educated people have embraced the nonsense coming out of politicians mouths all to obtain power to enact their agenda that isn’t in the people’s best interest. We the peeps have got to stop buying into the rhetoric and DEMAND bipartisanship, civility, honesty or you won’t be elected/reelected

    • I agree! I do think though, that there are a lot more young, educated people who are aware of the nonsense. My worry is that if the young people’s concerns are not addressed, they will become disengaged with the system. They are fine now but if they do not see results will they stay with it? Some young people who have bought into the nonsense may have been influenced by their parents. If their parents are into too much materialism than they may be into what is in it for them. Is this lack of bipartisanship and ideologically based politics a trend or is it here to stay?

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