Martha we are killing the goose! 

What goose Harry?

The golden goose!

What goose is that?

The American consumer, Martha. They’ve put the goose on a starvation diet. Our wages keep going down and prices keep going up. We were the consumer, who bought consumer products that kept the world’s economy going. Now we are having more and more right to work states and even in the states that have unions, wages are going down because most of the jobs are service jobs. We hardly make anything anymore Martha. What we need to do is fatten the goose up or else he will die. Right now he’s been on the diet for so long, you can see his bones.

How sad Harry! How did this happen?

Well, American companies decided that they wanted short-term profits thinking that the rest of the world will make up for the loss of the American consumer.

You’ve got to be kidding Harry, that is really stupid. How do these companies come to believe that China making everything will help America? I’ve heard they’ve started to make things in Albania and some place called Bangladesh, wherever that is. And these are American companies doing this. How unpatriotic is that? If it wasn’t for America these companies wouldn’t even exist.

You’re right Martha. We better do something fast because that Goose is on life support.

Dog gone it Harry, I’d rather buy American, even if it cost more.

But Martha we’d have to be making more money to do that.

Well, Harry, we’d better ask for a living wage otherwise we’ll be a slave to our job.

You are right Marsha. We’ve become more like those serfs of old who had a lord or as the Scots would say a Laird, to oversee us, slaves really.

Maybe, we should outsource those lords then, Harry, and become self-sufficient, like our parents. We should be our own masters instead of slaves.

Yep, Martha, who needs those jeans from Bangladesh, I heard some child made them?

Yes, Harry, and we even get smog from China.

Fetch my overalls would you Martha? It’s time to fatten up that darn goose.




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