Although no one has officially filed to be a candidate for President, two individuals are lining up to see who can be the Conservative candidate. It is difficult to recall any winning nominee of the Republican Party beginning their campaigns by battling to see who would be the CONSERVATIVE, but today we can see this battle shaping up between Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

An interesting situation is shaping up regarding whether or not Senator Cruz is eligible to run. Article II of the Constitution, Section I, states that no person except a natural-born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president. Senator Cruz was born in Canada to a father who was Cuban and a mother who was born in Delaware.

Nowhere in the Constitution was a natural born citizen defined nor has the Supreme Court had to deal with answering that question. The Naturalization Act of 1790 gives us a clue as to what the possible outcome of that question would be. It basically states that if you were born at sea to an American mother, for example, you would be deemed to be a natural born citizen.
Like President Obama, Senator Cruz had an American mother. The only difference is that he was admittedly born in Alberta, Canada.

At the recent conservative get together, Senator Cruz claimed that except for Ronald Reagan, all of the recent Republican nominees have been too moderate. The conventional wisdom among conservatives is that, if only the Republican Party had nominated a true Conservative, they would win the Presidency.

There is no question that of all of the current politicians jockeying for the nomination, it would be a real stretch to call any of them moderate.

It is hard to imagine a hard-core liberal or conservative winning the Presidency because most Americans identify themselves as political moderates.

Senator Paul of Kentucky won the straw poll at the conservative convention. He is clearly wrapping himself into what he hopes will be his acceptance as the heir to the Reagan legacy. He has the financial support of the Koch Brothers and name recognition as the son of Ron Paul.

It is hard to find any differences between the two of them on domestic policy.

There is a difference in their views on foreign policy. Rand Paul’s views if I might simply state, are that unless we are attacked, he would find it difficult to find a situation in which to involve American lives on foreign soil. He agrees with the old George Washington’s opinion that we should not have any entangling alliances.

It remains to be seen if a hard-core conservative can win the Presidency. This question may very well be answered in 2016. Let the games begin.



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