Many years ago, Thomas Paine spoke of winter soldiers and sunshine patriots. Today’s Supreme Court Decision in, McCutcheon V. Federal Election Commission, should scream out to all citizens and patriots the need to be winter soldiers and summer patriots for democracy, once again, as we watch our democracy disappear before our very eyes.

Like the Citizens United decision before it and the Buckley decision before that, we are increasingly going to be ruled by those among us who have the most money to contribute to candidates. We have a new aristocracy, the wealthy, and like our forebears, we, citizens, are going to be the slaves to the oligarchs.

Some among us champion the decision, claiming it is good news for democracy and free speech. Who are they kidding? There is nothing free about speech when 93% of elections are won by the candidate with the most money. How can it be good for democracy when we, the people, can not be heard over the din and influence of big money? The majority of the Supreme Court profess to be worried about the corrupting influence of money, but instead blindly give the keys to the city and to our highest offices to those who are the richest among us.

It is becoming, the class society that our founders worried about. It has become a nation of the haves and the have-nots, with fewer haves and an increasing amount of have-nots. The haves want it all and they see contributions to candidates and lobbying as the means to that end, the end being an increasing amount of power and influence. We have our Lords and Masters, the very wealthy and the large Corporations, just like our ancestors had their Lords and Masters in England depriving their fellow Englishmen of their rights as Englishmen. 

Money is not speech,  it is property.  It is a travesty and a joke to assume that somehow, out of the goodness of their hearts, the wealthy will somehow know what is best for the rest of us. Money is corrupting and a lot of money is absolutely corrupting. Regarding the question of what will be the aggregate limit on contributions in a 2 year period as a result of this decision, is unknown. Some think that the limit will be $ 6 million dollars or it could be that there will be no limit.

My fellow countrymen and women, this is the time to come to the aid of your country. It is not the time to be a sunshine patriot. It is not good enough to be a patriot when it is easy to be so. We need to be like that winter soldier, slogging through the snow, to fight for our liberty and independence. We need a Constitutional Amendment to end our dependence on our new masters, the plutocrats and the oligarchs. It is time to ring the bell of liberty and stand up for equality and natural rights. It is time to throw off the yoke of oppression in the name of all of those who came before us, and who died to make this land free, with opportunity for all.


8 responses to “AMERICA’S CRISIS

  1. Every American needs to contact your Congressman and Senators NOW and DEMAND a constitutional amendment. and keep that info and keep contacting them. Share with family and friends. Be pro-active NOW because we may not be able to later. This cannot wait.

    • Even though I applaud your proactive stance, I wonder how we are supposed to trust our congressmen enough to give them this task, especially since most of them are people who will benefit from this screwed up decision.

      After all, in some ways we are asking them to derail their own gravy train which most of them get fat off. Granted, there are some very good members of Congress, but I can’t see them being able to override the corrupt majority.

      • I know that it is easy to feel discouraged. A lot of the things that we take for granted today, happened when it seemed like it would never occur. There are many examples of hard won victories. We have to be more determined than ever to bring about change. We have no choice!

      • Actually, I agree with you and the person that I was replying to. Even though it sounds like I was being cynical, I feel that I am also being realistic. Getting a 2/3 majority of members of Congress to put forth a constitutional amendment is a very daunting task. Not to mention, that after that, a 2/3 majority of the states passing this method is an even more daunting task.

        For example, take a look at the Equal Rights Amendment back in the 80s. As you probably remember, this amendment would have given equal rights to women in wages and workplace conditions, and other civil rights. It never did pass, despite the fact that women are a majority in this country.

        Believe me, I am not trying to discourage anyone from trying to get a constitutional amendment to overturn this asinine Supreme Court ruling. In fact, I would encourage people to try it. I’m just pointing out how huge of a job, this would be.

      • I know I sound enthusiastic, I was an active families activist in in the late 90’s early 00’s.
        Change can happen but it will take all of us getting up and motivating other people to take action. Grassroots advocacy is pretty powerful. It doesn’t matter how much money is spent,constituents have the final say at the polls. If enough constituents make it clear they will vote that person out – the rep will support them.Maybe an amendment isn’t the answer right now. But ya gotta shake em up to get em up. Seriously, it’s really our responsibility to rally our district. Just sayin….

  2. With this ruling, the US Supreme Court has basically given the green light to the Koch brothers and every other rich businessman to subvert our democracy for their own financial gain.

    Now, because of this ruling, any greedy idiot can get elected to any public office, if he has the financial blessing of some rich guy(s), no matter how corrupt or stupid.

    Oh wait! We already have that. Just take a look at Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and others. This stupid ruling will just make it worse.

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