TOO MUCH KOCH! a Banana Republic anyone?

In a world where the oligarchs have too much say and influence, the Koch brothers, are setting new standards in this regard. Sons of one of the founders of the John Birch Society, the Koch Brothers are listed as the 5th and 6th wealthiest people on the planet.

There is a wise saying in politics, “Follow the money,” if you want to figure out what is going on.  The other old bromide that is so important in life and in politics is the importance of self-interest. Through ALEC and through other organizations funded and encouraged by the Koch brothers, we see their financial interests and wealth grow hugely, helped by less government and especially their wealth is enhanced by having fewer regulations and rule sets.

If the sign we see posted reads, Democracy for Sale, they are one of the biggest purchasers, with untold millions of dollars being spent on political campaigns and candidates through SUPERPACS.

Heck, I’d rather have the ROBBER BARONS, instead of these vulture capitalists. At least they brought new industries and jobs to America. They also built libraries and other socially beneficial things to society. These new guys, grow their wallets and leave us ashes in return.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people making money or becoming wealthy. It’s just that I have a real problem with people buying elections and buying influence. Can you imagine, trying to call our representative in his or her office in the nation’s capitol? I can hear it now! If a Mr. Byrum called who is just Joe citizen, or one of the Koch brothers called, whose call will be answered first? Heck, they might even lose my call in their haste to put through the other caller? Actually, I am rather put out by outsiders coming in from out-of-state and trying to change things to their liking.

There should be some kind of rule, that for local elections, outsider money is not allowed. I’ve had enough of Carpetbaggers.

So, if the oil pipeline that they keep talking about goes through, who will benefit a lot? Why the Koch brothers, of course! The latest news, is that solar energy is seen as a threat to the future profits of the Koch brothers. So much for free enterprise !

Well, I guess, I should feel sorry for picking on those two poor, Koch brothers. They aren’t alone in buying elections. Money after all, is an equal opportunity corrupter. Since we’ve sold democracy down the river, we might as well have an auction. We could sell things like the liberty bell and other national treasures. And let the bidding begin, over here we have a bidder, yes! Do we have a bid? Whaaaat are we offered for this fine bell. GOING, GOING GONE! SOLD AMERICA, to the highest bidder.

What we have had as a nation is invaluable. You can’t put a price on freedom or on equality. Perhaps when it is too late, we’ll finally realize and appreciate what we’ve lost.


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