With the chances of a regional war, occurring in the Middle East, ever-increasing, the wolves are at the door ready to play the blame game. Who is to blame? 

Americans have a hard time accepting defeat or responsibility. The decision to go to war in Iraq was wrong and it unleashed the dogs of war, where quite often you have unintended consequences. The unintended consequences in this case is that it looks like there will be a regional war between the Shiites and the Sunnis.
In a scene eerily similar to when the government in Saigon began to collapse, the government of Iraq appears to be collapsing. We lit the torch by destabilizing the country when we removed Hussein from office! So how can it be that we seem so shocked and surprised at what is going on?
One can understand the criticism of President Obama coming from the right-wing regarding the debacle that is Afghanistan, but one is hard pressed to understand the lame accusations from the left. The right wing sees that their idea of a free Iraq go to hell.
The complaint from the left is that President Obama speaks loudly but carries no stick. Sorry, but we should thank our lucky stars that we left Iraq to its own fate. This is not the time or place to try to emulate Teddy Roosevelt and speak softly and carry a big stick. Our military strength matters not when the people of Iraq have very little sense of nationhood. After centuries of differences and tribal hatreds between groups in Iraq no one can charge up any hill and save the day. No action on President Obama’s part can save the day. It is up to Maliki and the Iraqi government to do what they have refused to do and that is to share power with their Sunni citizens without discrimination.
Afghanistan is an even worse situation in many ways, it is a country filled with different tribes and war lords, it is corrupt and without any hope of becoming a democracy.
Pakistan uses Afghanistan as a pawn in a large geo-political battle that we do not understand. Pakistan is no ally of the United States, they may cooperate with us on occasion but only when they have something to gain.
Let us look at the Pakistani Intelligence Agency which the United States admits has close ties to the Taliban wing called the Haqqani group. They are the ones who have had our POW in captivity. It is believed that the Pakistani Intelligence organization knew of Bergdahl, just like they knew of Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts.
Pakistan is a dysfunctional country that has two outlaw areas. Our purported enemy, the Taliban, has had sanctuary in the northern area called North Waziristan for years. How can America ever accomplish anything regarding our goals in Afghanistan if the Pakistani government turns their back on the Taliban and allows them safety from their government’s interference?
It is said that the Afghan Taliban has not targeted Americans outside the country but the same can not be said of the Haqqani Group in Pakistan. They do target Americans, and the Haqqani Group is held responsible for many attacks including the one against the CIA base in eastern Afghanistan that killed many Americans.
Pakistan is the home of many terrorists from the region, and if any peace is possible in the area, Pakistan must first deal with their own home-grown Taliban.
No one except for Alexander the Great has conquered Afghanistan so what makes any neo-con believe that any shock an awe from our great military would ever decide anything. As far as winning the hearts and minds of the people in Iraq or Afghanistan good luck with that one. It just won’t work, we don’t understand our enemy.
So forget the blame game and thank President Obama for ending our hopeless adventures over there. You can not lose something that you could never win in the first place. We should be happy to be rid of our military involvement. If any peace is to come in that region of the world, the major powers in the area will have to meet and come to some kind of resolution of the matter. China, India and Russia have more at stake than the United States in maintaining stability and security in the region.


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