Since the election of President Obama, some Americans compare the president to Adolph Hitler. Lyndon LaRouche was probably the first politico to depict Barack Hussein Obama as Adolph Hitler by adding a mustache to his picture. Now, Tea Party. org, has begun to stoke white fears by depicting the President as Hitler in a fundraising email. The Drudge Report has been offering comparisons to Hitler as has a web site that talks about the end of times.  

I am personally offended by any President of the United States being compared to Hitler. There is no comparison worthy of note between a George W. Bush, a Barrack Obama or a Richard Nixon to Hitler. Hitler systematically killed millions of Jews because they were Jews. He killed gypsies and the handicapped. He murdered those who he considered to be a threat to his rise politically. He left a nation in ashes.
All politicians who are successful promise their country, pretty much the same things, better times, more jobs and a higher standard of living. It is part of politics to not attack Mom, apple pie or the flag. And if they did they would never be elected. Charisma is part of the picture of every successful and strong leader. If you can’t speak to people’s concerns and are unable to be convincing and well liked by the voters, you will never make it in politics.
Let us take a look for a moment at the use of words in the diatribes alleging that Obama is Hitler. If you say, and use the words rabble-rouser, what are you saying about those who are being talked about? Rabble is a derogatory word, implying something less than classy or smart. The right wing often says that he was associated with people who were violent or awful. Guilt by association is a tool often used to demonize someone. I guess I better not go to another meeting where I might speak because the wrong kind of person might be there. Then the right-wing uses the phrase indoctrinate people. Oh my God, this person they are talking about must be bad because he is indoctrinating children. These are all clever tactics to put someone in a bad light. Beware though, if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it.
Let’s see now, Hitler advocated for health care. Sorry, but Germany had universal health care long before he came to power. Another misleading statement is to claim that Hitler was duly elected. He never received in a free election a plurality of the votes. Hitler had the German Parliament set on fire, and made sure that no political opposition was around for him to worry about. He did not do that slowly but almost immediately. He had his allies, the members of the S.A. murdered.
Winston Churchill in 1944 ,during the war, advocated universal health. I don’t remember Mr. Churchill, who helped save the world from the scourge of fascism, being called a communist, socialist fascist by the public.

When I read the statement on some web sites that Americans are unarmed, I am led to believe that part of the fear campaign is designed to sell more weapons and ammo and nothing else.

Yes, Hitler faced harsh economic times as did every world leader, at that time, due to a worldwide Great Depression.

Franklin Roosevelt faced similar problems with unemployment hovering around 25% for a good bit of his presidency. Roosevelt even put Japanese Americans in internment camps supposedly with the idea in mind of protecting them.

Let us for a moment or two address the concept of whether President Obama has circumvented the law. Executive orders have been around since George Washington. Washington issued 8 executive orders. In the 19th Century, Grant led the way with 217 and during the 20th Century, FDR led the way with 3522. Franklin Roosevelt was elected and served for 3 full terms. Even silent Calvin Coolidge issued 1203, Harding had 522 and Hoover 968. President Obama has issued 168.

If we are talking about recess appointments, President Obama is not alone in doing recess appointments. Washington, Eisenhower, Clinton, George W. Bush also did recess appointments. The Conservative’s hero, Ronald Reagan did 24 recess appointments. So where is the beef?

Just because you do not agree with a President’s policies does not give a person a blank check on attacking a person’s character. President Obama has done nothing different that has not been done before.

President Obama is no Hitler and neither has any president risen to such a standard.

We as a country have experienced slavery and the mass genocide of Native Americans but those facts do not justify comparing any president during those years to Adolph Hitler.

The fear being ginned up by white people and especially older white people who are fearful that whites will need to live in gated communities is unfounded. Attributing insubordination, stealing, missed days at work or taunting to a race or to several races is a belief that is not based upon a provable data.

I have known a lot of people in my life, and I have experienced white people missing days of work. I have witnessed shoddy work habits and other problems, but that is truly a human trait, not a racial trait.

White anger and insecurity were understandable during the height of affirmative action. After all, you might have felt that you did not get a job because you were white. Reverse racism can and does occur. Reverse racism does not justify the idea that we should return to the days when certain rights were not granted to individuals who are not white.

To ratchet up fear based upon the idea that violence will be the order of the day when old white men are no longer running things is baseless. Whites are the ones who did the lynchings and the cross burnings. It is okay for white people to brandish weapons in public as we have seen recently. I remember the fear when the Black Panthers exhibited their guns. Maybe white people fear retribution.

Let us not kid ourselves, some of the complaints about this President are nothing other than smoke and mirrors. It is an attempt by some to gain political power.

One of the long lasting positives about the election of Barrack Hussein Obama is that for people of color, they now believe that anything is possible in our country. It is possible for any son or daughter to be elected president of these United States of America. And from this fact, we may take a hopeful note that change can happen peacefully without the resort to violence or through the use of fear.

As the 4th of July descends upon us this week, let us take heart that we are all Americans regardless of color, creed or religious beliefs or for that matter if a person lacks religious beliefs. We should all stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, together, bound together by a common history and with a love of country. It is not a Utopia that we seek but a hopeful reality that we want. A reality where Americans treat each other the way they would want to be treated.



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