America is facing a human tragedy with the massive influx of children and mothers from Central America. They are coming from countries where violence is a daily occurrence. People are making money on the backs of the young and their mothers as they seek sanctuary in a foreign country, America. These children took flight from their old homes for a reason. The least we can do is to take care of them while they are processed and sent home after they have gone through the due process of law that all people deserve.

Yes, they are here illegally. It is a human tragedy that we can not fix. Any solutions for this problem can not occur overnight.

It is amazing to hear the anger in the voices of the protesters who would like to send these individuals back immediately.

They don’t want to hear that our laws do not allow for the immediate return of children. President Bush passed a law in 2002, that has children in another category, separate from adults who come to America without proper authorization. Children are to be treated differently for a reason. Does anyone believe that these children had any choice in the matter of their journey through Mexico and into America? Children depend on someone doing the right thing by them. Children are dependent on society to deal with them in a fair and equitable manner. We owe everyone due process, that is just the way America operates. These children are here not of their choosing. If we sent them all back in mass without processing them some would fall through the cracks if a close lived here in America who might be willing to take care of them.

This is a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. We are a nation of laws that we are obliged to obey. The long term solution is to have the country’s of origin take care of their own citizens in a proper and humane manner. But in the meantime we need to do the right thing and follow the law. This will take money and time to put them up and feed them. Some among us would deny these children their basic needs. We can not deny these children the care the law demands. This is America, after all, not some brutal third world banana Republic who might have just taken these children out and shot them in some killing fields.

A lot of us, originally came here from some place, other than America. We are now a nation whose people came from those who were aboard those ships that were from everywhere in the world. It is not the time to turn our backs on the law and the children who are among us now.


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