Today, we heard that the current maven of Republican political humor, Michele Bachmann is contemplating a run for President in 2016. One is tempted to ask the question the president of what? But in all seriousness she is thinking of running for President of the United States.

I am encouraged by this news. I am sure that Saturday Night Live is applauding the news as well. Michele my bell, is one of a kind. In her prior campaign in 2012, she taught us that Paul Revere helped the British during the early days of our Revolution. I am confident that if our poet Longfellow were alive he would thank her for clearing up his mistake.

Mrs. Bachmann also has informed us as to how the founders of our country had solved the slavery issue. Really! She is not alone in this misconception. We have five men on the Supreme Court who in a 5-4 decision early on in the history of the Roberts court claimed in an affirmative action case that the Constitution was color blind. Please would someone send the court Michele’s copy of the Constitution! I think I read that slaves were considered 3/5 of a person . HMMMMN! 

She of course continues to prove the Peter principle in that she has reached her own level of ineptitude.

If the office of President of the United States was not so important of a job requiring huge skill, I wouldn’t mind Michele’s candidacy. The job is really too much for one person to do. You could have one person being responsible for domestic policy and another full time person just for foreign affairs. 

It is just amazing to see the cast of characters on deck ready to run for the nomination in the Republican Party. I can not recall in my lifetime such a list of potential candidates. Not a single one of them are fit for the office of President of the United States. But at least Mrs. Backmann will provide, I am sure some moments of levity and new historical insight. In a world that has gone slightly mad her candidacy will inspire all of us to read a good history book just to recall what did happen. 


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