In a moment that brought back the memory of candidate Michael Dukakis,riding a tank, Governor Perry of Texas is seen in a boat near the border. In one heck of a photo opportunity, Perry is seen armed and dangerous with a few of his National Guard cohorts. The caption reads protecting our borders.

In a pathetic display of showmanship, his play acting is actually scary. What is he planning to do? Is he planning to shoot one of the children fleeing from chaos back home, as they attempt to cross the border into America. 

Is this a true picture of American justice? America the home of the brave! Maybe he will scare a scout troop. Does he intend on shooting one of the children to prove how manly he is and put the trophy on the wall?

If he and others feel that threatened by children seeking a refuge from the horrors of Central America, they need help. Fear of strangers is at least understandable but clearly the fear of immigrants here in America and in Europe now speaks to a broader political crisis. 

Texas may think it is a country but it is a state. It is one of 50 states in a union, called the United States of America. A governor can not go off half-cocked and act unilaterally. His gun might be fully loaded but we all have to respect the law, even a Governor from Texas. I am sure that he thinks that somehow this stunt will help his candidacy for President, but all he has done is make a mockery of it. It is but a joke if he thinks his stunt will protect the border.

Hey, Margaret pass the ammunition! Texas is at it again. 



  1. Now we ain’t all like that here in Texas! Some of us have them there scruples we just can’t get our fella, or gal elected to office. We been a tryin, and Lord hep us Ms. Davis will be our next Governor.
    Rick Perry is a stooge. He’s grandstanding because he wants to be president. And I think he thinks if he matched Ted Cruz he might just beat him. I can only hope that neither will win the nomination. And I hope and pray as these radical rightest and tea partiers continue to show their ignorance, spew such vitriol, and their inhumanity, the real republicans will finally shut them up and regain control of their party.

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