My fellow citizens, mark it down, the government of the United States of America is dying or dead. The year, 2014, saw the government officially close down. It officially re-opened but for all intents and purposes it is still closed because they did nothing and are doing nothing. They are historically the least productive Congress in history. Now don’t get me wrong. It is not the entire Congress that are to blame. Some members are trying to do the right thing but they are stymied at every turn. It is the radical, reactionary so-called conservatives who are running things.

We could go down a long laundry list of measures that did not pass, due to obstructionism. This last day before the summer recess was an exercise in futility. They could not pass money to fight wildfires nor could they pass a relief measure to Israel.

The Republicans led by the reactionary Tea Party faithful have accomplished what they set out to do, nothing. But then that must have been their goal all along. If they could not formally shut down the government they wound up doing so in a clever way.They accomplished what they wanted just by making sure nothing gets passed in Congress.
My fellow citizens do not be taken in by their limited government propaganda. What these right-wing zealots want is no government. No taxes! No governmental interference in the affairs of the American citizenry, whatsoever. No disaster relief and no support for one of our biggest allies. Good luck if a bridge collapses or a hurricane hits. Fix it yourself!

While you were not looking, a tyranny of the minority over us, we the people. we the majority, has taken place. In poll after poll, the American people indicate by a wide majority on many issues, what they want done. But no, government is the enemy is, these right-wing radical reactionaries believe. They are traitors to our Republic, and to the people they allegedly represent. They have disavowed their oath of office by their refusal to just do the basics that our Constitution requires. Their ideologists have us in a vice grip, as they act on the notion that the ends justify the means.



Government is not bad or evil it is those in our nation’s capitol who through intentional inaction are killing our country. This is what Madison had in mind when he wrote Federalist Number 10 and warned all of us that factionalism killed all of the prior Republics and that is what we are witnessing today.
The Tea Party followers have forgotten that it is their responsibility to provide and promote the general welfare and to see that the laws are faithfully executed. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t forget to put the blame where it belongs in November. Remember who has done nothing, remember those who would diminish the rights of women, remember those who have obstructed the government from doing its duty. Remember who shut down the government and put the dollar at risk. Don’t let them get away with it. Fight to keep the government open for business.


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