The word impeachment is being heard a lot these days. If one would believe that the charge of impeachment is to be made so easy as the right wing critics of the President would have you believe, you would be wrong. We hear the sentence an abuse of the public trust. Well, that could be said of any politician, that he or she has at some time in their service made some constituents unhappy and breached and abused the public trust. The founders did not intend for articles of impeachment to be used as a political device to remove a President just because you don’t like him or because he does not believe as you do from an ideological sense, or because you did not like the outcome. Sometimes the majority view of things will make the losers unhappy, but that is the nature of our political system.

Impeachment is serious business. Treason and bribery give one the idea of how serious the crimes need to be. High crimes and misdemeanors are not defined. When the bill of impeachment from the House of Representatives to the Senate was prepared regarding President Richard Nixon, we were talking about felonies. Impeachment is meant to be rarely used.
The Tea Party crowd would love to impeach this President. They are happily siting Federalist 65 as authority on this issue. But they are selective in their hunt for anything they can use to attempt to justify the most serious charge of impeachable offenses. You can not or should not take one sentence out of context without quoting the entirety. But this is normal for these extremists. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good prospective scandal.
Perhaps the so-called Tea Party has tasted too much power and resent the fact that they lost the election in 2012. Get over it and do the people’s business. It is Congress that has ratings in the toilet. The President’s ratings are 8 times higher.
People on talk radio and that paragon of quitting, Sarah Palin, continue with their hate onslaught.
Perhaps it will be the President who sues Congress for dereliction of duty. They are the ones who shut down government. They closed the people’s house down. The framers are probably spinning in their graves wondering what has happened to the great institutions that they started.
As a side bar I find it offensive that Sarah Palin claims that God wants President Obama impeached. I knew she claimed to see Russia from her house and now she is talking to God. Amazing!!!
They choose to ignore the fact that Hamilton eliminates from consideration acts of maladministration. Let me define this: Maladministration are actions causing an injustice. Wikipedia then proceeds to list examples which are as follows: Delay, Incorrect action or failure to take an action. The failure to follow procedures of the law. The failure to provide information, misleading statements and broken promises.
You can see why Madison disagreed with George Mason when it came to whether incompetence was an impeachable offense. Madison had it right. What President would not have been impeached if incompetence was the standard. It would be such a subjective exercise to look at the question of whether someone is competent or not.
On a humorous note, after looking at the 5% approval rating for Congress, we might put most of them up on charges of impeachable offenses if we were to include maladministration as a criteria.
If you are unhappy with a President you vote for someone else. The problem that the far right has is that they lost the election. President Obama was re-elected. Don’t be such a sore loser. It is interesting to note that the last person to be impeached was President Clinton, another Democrat.
Nancy Pelosi the former Speaker of the House could have filed for the impeachment of President George W. Bush for high crimes but she wisely chose not to put the country through it. President Ford had the interest of the country at heart when he pardoned Nixon who had resigned instead of being impeached. Ford prevented the spectacle of a criminal trial by doing so. I would hope that the Republicans would know better than to put the country through a process that this time would have more to do with politics than any crime.
We must preserve the power of the executive. He or she can not look over their shoulder all the time wondering if a decision will get them in trouble with the opposition.
Yes, we must preserve our checks and balances. Impeachment should only be used when a serious crime has been committed.


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