This week saw the tragic death of Robin Williams. His life brightened ours. He accomplished what few people can do, he made us laugh. A rare talent, his ability to act and become that person he was portraying was amazing. You could not help but like him. His gentleness to all was easy for all to see. He gave of himself to others and through his life he made our lives better. His life was shortened due to the illness of Depression through which he suffered greatly. We are lucky to have known him and he will be remembered. His films will be seen and seen again. Many of his magic moments of comedic genius are captured on film so that we may enjoy him forever. A star in the heavens may be brighter tonight but our lives have been darkened by the loss of his earthly light.

For those who knew him the most, his friends and family, their loss and grief must be unspeakable, but they should take comfort in knowing that he was loved around the world.

The reaction of a very few to Robin Williams death has been for lack of a better word, embarrassing. ABC news invaded the privacy that everyone should be granted when experiencing grief, by flying a helicopter over the family residence. Some comments by a very few, have been hurtful but then again, man is but human and we make mistakes. In their public mistakes they hurt themselves more by their errors.

It is hoped that the untimely death of a great man, Robin Williams, will highlight an issue that should be dealt with and that is mental health. The pain that he must have been feeling must have been unimaginable. It is time that our society finally face the fact that we do not do what we can to help ease the pain of their illness. Depression is an illness and we should treat it as such. The treatment of those who suffer from mental health issues should be treated just as seriously as if it were any other illness. But sadly we are a long ways away from dealing with those who are afflicted, with the seriousness that it deserves. Most of us, have either known someone or have had someone in our family with such an illness. We should no longer ignore the problem or walk over it or fail to see those in need of help on our streets. Robin Williams gave us his love and talent, and we should in his memory seek to help others who are in need of help who suffer from the pain of mental illness.

But for the moment let us celebrate a life worth celebrating, a life that was special. His was a life that burned brightly. The family’s loss is our loss as life will be a darker place without him. He felt our pain too intensely. His gifts were our treasures to be remembered and enjoyed. He made us laugh, and that is a great gift because for that moment in time the pressure of life is lightened and we can smile and laugh at ourselves and others.  PEACE!


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