Notes from the fantasy football underground. Well, here we are hopefully ready for another fantastic football season. You’ve most likely had your draft and are ready for the games to begin. 

This past Thursday saw the opening game with Seattle starting their title defense. Seattle has a very good chance of breaking the mold and actually winning two Lombardi championships in a row. Seattle is playing great football and with their great team defense and enthusiasm they can do it.

Peyton Manning would like to have another shot at Seattle but losing Super Bowl teams have an even harder time getting back to the show. The New Orleans Saints are primed to be the primary challenger to Seattle in the NFC. The San Francisco 49ers are looking to challenge as well. The AFC has the Patriots and Tom Brady waiting in the wings and the Cincinnati Bengals wanting in on the fun as well. Will the Colts have enough defense to contest for a title?

We all eagerly await the full schedule of games tomorrow.

Injuries are and luck are key parts of having a successful fantasy football season. Be sure and carefully monitor what is going on with injuries and be on the look out for strengthening your team through the waiver wire.

Good luck to all! I will look to have a weekly column on the week’s goings on and any recommendations that might come up. The key thing is to enjoy the ride. Surprises abound each season and this season promises to have surprise teams and players as well.


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