Well, week one is in the books. The first week often does not indicate much because it is the first time the teams of the NFL have had their starters play the entire game. Ragged performances often are the result and fatigue at the end of games colors the results.

Although we are just starting the season storm clouds are not only gathering but are already raining on a few teams. The NFC East looks to have 3 of the worst teams in pro-football. I would be careful out there in fantasy football land, about playing any Redskins, New York football Giants or Dallas Cowboys.

RGIII, does not look like the magical fantasy player we have expected. His current lack of touchdown production could be temporary or it could be a sign that he is not the same player after his injury. The Washington Redskin offense looks offensive in a town where the politicians left town for the summer. Their offense lacks weapons.

The Cowboys had the worst defense last year and it looks to be worse than last year. When a team lacks defense it puts an inordinate amount of pressure on the offense to score every time they go on the field. To be honest, Tony Romo and what should be a very good offense looks out of sync. Will Romo be running for his life once again this season? The football Gods will answer that question as the season moves forward.

The Giants just look pathetic out there with Manning looking lost and Cruz not being thrown to. Who cares what foot Manning puts first, he’s won 2 Super Bowls.

Two other teams appear to have big problems going forward. The Rams and Bears have two different problems. The Rams have no quarterback due to the injury plagued Sam Bradford and the Bears defense looks to be toothless.

Everyone expects the Bears to score a lot this year. But without a strong defense which has always been a hallmark of the Monsters of the Midway, Matt Forte and company could be playing from behind too much. Can Cutler handle the pressure?

If you have players from the Falcons and Saints, you should be rewarded as both teams looked ready to roll.

This weeks should tell us more about our teams. Good Luck and Good Day!



  1. this is interesting, but I know nothing about fantasy football, or for that matter pro football. Other than Seattle winning I could care less. maybe I’ll learn something.

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