This past week in the NFL saw the fantasy stardom of Andrew Luck continue as he led his team to a desperately need victory. It also witnessed a seminal game for the Eagle quarterback, Noles and the surprising skill of Kirk Cousins for the Skins. The running back situation for the owners of fantasy football teams continues to be problematic as players like McCoy and others continue to struggle. A few teams have experienced devastating injuries to their offensive lines which I am sure is effecting the running game.

With the exception of Russel Wilson, the lead option quarterbacks have found life in the NFL tough sledding after their success initially. Wilson follows the offensive game plan well and does not run as a first option. Kaepernick of the 49ers has found success much more difficult this year. Defenses have helped to make him a very inconsistent player. They almost seem to dare him to run as they deny him other options. Pocket passers as illustrated by Cousins and Noles are still the way to go. Luck for the Colts has success written all over him, as he is clearly driven to succeed. His late game exploits are amazing!

Using the waiver wire is more needed than ever this year as injuries are making it a necessity if you plan on having a successful season.

Remember this is the first bye week! It is important to have as strong a second string team as possible as bye weeks can be score killers.

For Cowboy fans out there watch out as Romo’s back is acting up and as a result of a benching of a starter, turmoil is ongoing.

As far as picking games which I do not like to do, the Steelers look good this week going up against the hapless Bucs. The Bucs lost their Offensive Coordinator this week to illness. The Packers are in a must win situation and play the Bears in the longest standing rivalry in NFL history.

I would like to hear from some of you with your Super Bowl Picks. I still like the Seahawks in the NFC and in the AFC, the Bengals look good on defense. The key question is can the Broncos overcome their defeat in last year’s Super Bowl? Outside of the Bills with Jim Kelly’s leadership, very few losers repeat and go back a second year in a row.
Well good day and good luck to all!


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