The normal human reaction to nearly 70 years of having a security state is upon us. The lies of Vietnam and Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq is coming home to roost. Frankly, no matter how much we realize that ISIS is a threat to its neighbors, Americans do not want any part of sending combat forces back into Iraq. Congress needs to get with it and vote up or down whether the President should have the authority to send troops into Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS.

The authors of the Constitution gave the power to Congress to declare war. We have come to a place and time in history to where Congress should either use their power or lose it. We have Congress to represent we the people or we don’t.

War is a serious business. It places our brave men and women at risk. If we are to commit our young people they need to know if the American people are behind them. It is time to put party politics behind us and make a decision. Going home and hiding from their responsibility is not the answer. No one said the job would be easy but that is why they get the big bucks. Not only does the buck stop at the desk of the President it also resides at the Capitol building as well.

The effort to destroy al Qaeda’s plans for our death and destruction has begun as well as the effort, together with our allies to weaken and destroy the military capability of ISIS.

Our allies in the region have courageously joined us in their efforts to combat ISIS. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and others have put themselves at risk of the potential retaliation of ISIS and it is to their credit that they are doing so.

Jordan has no oil so put that old excuse for our being in the region on the shelf where it belongs. ISIS is out for conquest and the destabilization of the region. Jordan is one of the very few peaceful country’s in the Middle East. The Constitutional Monarch, King Abdullah of Jordan, like his father, is someone to be listened to and respected. He recognizes the dangers that ISIS presents and he deals with the results and human tragedies of the refugees every day. They are in this war to win it.

There are of course doubts as to what the outcome of these actions against ISIS will be. No war comes without doubts and hard questions and iffy outcomes. It is easy to sit on the sidelines and say it is not our fight. It is too easy to conclude that we should not be there. But ask yourselves the question if not us who? If you think that our inaction would help ask yourself if those who would kill civilians in the name of Allah will let us sit on the sidelines? Are we going to be able to?

Al Qaeda has not gone away. They thought that they had found a safe haven in Syria where they could develop bombs for airplanes that are not detectable. They evidently are confident that they can put unsuspecting people on airplanes that would pass for safe passengers. We should thank our defense establishment for the good work they are doing to keep us safe. Just when we thought it was safe to go in an airplane think again.

I find one objection to this whole crisis objectionable. Americans have a tendency to blame ourselves for everything. Al Qaeda blames us for defiling the Middle East and for our being in Saudi Arabia where their religious shrines are. Sorry, but religion can be and has been the excuse for many wars . Any nation has the right, the sovereign right to ask another nation for assistance. Just because some religious fanatics do not like westerners in their part of the world does not mean that we are to accept this ridiculous notion in the 21st Century.

The USA is not at fault for the evils of the world, get over this guilt trip. We are not perfect but we are not an empire. We may have a whole lot of influence, but I did not see us keep countries after World War II, that was the Soviet Union.

Either Americans and others are at risk here and abroad due to the threats of ISIS or they are not. I choose to believe the President. To not believe the President and his national security team is to put ourselves at risk. It is up to Congress to decide if the threat is real and if we are willing to join together in a united effort.

Congress needs to act and take responsibility. Do they have the courage to do so?


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