Along with its neighbor, North Carolina is in the process of changing politically. Once a solid red state, it is now a solid purple state. It appears that Democratic Senator Hagan will be re-elected.

North Carolina is now the 10th largest state in terms of population and its influence in national politics is growing. Its educational standards and tech corridor make it an attractive place for new businesses. Forbes magazine named North Carolina the 3rd best state for business to flourish.

In state politics due to gerrymandering it is still in the Republican column, but in national elections where gerrymandering matters less, the state is leaning more democratic due to its changing demographics. Once the next census takes place, North Carolina may no longer be a safe state for Republicans on the local level as well.

You would think, if the Republican Party, looked at the increasing new reality of the New South, their politics would change if they plan on being a viable party in the future. For states that matter electorally, the key states of Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and even Georgia are changing before our eyes. The electoral map gives one the sense of inevitability, that the Republican Party can not win any presidential elections without a solid South. And a solid South no longer exists. Necessity is usually a key factor in changing to survive in life and in politics and if the Republican Party does not change, it may go down in history with the Whigs as being a political party that disappeared.

Will the Republican Party change to meet the new realities or will it become like the dinosaurs, extinct?


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