Good morning and good day fantasy football fans! Here we are at the 1/4 of the season mark. I hope your teams are doing well.

Jamaal Charles finally had an excellent game for Kansas City as the Chiefs ran through and around the disappointing Pats. Injuries have impacted the Eagles with the offensive line being unable to open up any holes for McCoy. No matter how talented a runner is if your offensive line is injury riddled you’re in for a long day and season.

The Saints are in trouble in the real league. Their defense has been a disappointment and even their offense seems to be lacking in intensity and results. For a thought to be Super Bowl contender, they better get it going or face a disappointing season. Brees is not getting any younger so the clock is ticking.

The Raiders got rid of their coach. Coaches are easily the biggest target for blame when the team fails to win, but I doubt if Vince Lombardi could coax the Raiders into being a winner with their current roster of players.

Andrew Luck continues to shine as this year’s fantasy football star. Aaron Rogers led his team and reminded all of us as to why he is a great quarterback. The Eagles better find a way to block for Noles and McCoy or else they will be hearing football steps from the resurgent Cowboys and Giants.

Will Philip Rivers led San Diego Chargers challenge the Broncos for the AFC West championship?

Well, fans the season is heating up with a few surprise teams and players. I still think the Super Bowl champion will have to go through Seattle.

Good luck to all!


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