With a little less than a month to go, to election day, the race to see who holds the Senate is still in play. The proverbial fat lady is yet to warm up or even get dressed, so her song will have to wait. As the late former Prime Minister of England once said a week in politics is a lifetime.

Surprisingly, Senator Hagan of North Carolina appears to have solidified her re-election bid. For the Republican Party to not win North Carolina is a blow to not only their hopes of taking the Senate but to their long term hopes in national elections. North Carolina is the 10 most populous state now and will hold an increasingly important place in electoral politics as the years move forward.

Colorado and Iowa are just too close to call. Turnout will be a key in all of the toss-up states. In point of fact, if the Democrats lose their hold on the Senate their historic propensity to not vote in off year elections will be the reason for their defeat. Democrats hold a registration lead, so if they lose they only need to look at themselves to find any blame. I find it amazing that Democrats would find any reason to stay home this election. So stop complaining about how crazy things are and vote. As Jefferson once said, You get the government you deserve.

Former President Clinton has been spending time on the campaign trail both in Kentucky and in Arkansas. Arkansas is personal and if Mitch McConnell loses the game is over. Bill Clinton has his own reasons to campaign. He loves to do it, and if the Democrats can hold the Senate now, the 2016 election looks much better from a numbers standpoint, for many more Republicans incumbents are running in 2016. If Hillary Clinton is to be the next President, she will want a majority she can work with.

Kansas is truly the surprise of the election cycle, both in the Governor’s race and in the battle for Robert’s seat. The Independent candidate has held the lead for a while now, and it appears that the Republican Senator Roberts may have seen his last days in the Senate. Kansas may really tell us about what it is like to live under Tea Party rule and the public’s reaction to it.

The race is on. I know where I will be on election night. I will be glued to the television set until the final returns are in.



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