This past week saw the resurgence of Peyton Manning as a fantasy football world beater. His Hall of Fame career witnessed his 500th Touchdown pass. Manning is quickly approaching Brett Favre’s career record. Manning’s teammate D. Thomas had a career day as the Cardinal defense saw it’s man coverage torn apart by Peyton’s precise passing.

The week in review saw the last two undefeated teams go down to defeat. For at least one week, the Patriots and Tom Brady had a great game. The press’s criticism of Tom Brady may have been the right tonic for the moribund Patriot offense to wake up for at least one game. We shall see if the Patriot’s can continue their success. One game does not make a season. As we have seen teams can look entirely different from week to week.

The waiver wire has been active this week as totally unknown players like Brandon Oliver made their fantasy football debut. The tendency of fantasy owners is too jump on a newly successful player and pick him up and start him right away. In the Chargers case the question should be asked as to whether Mathews will be back soon or not. If you need a running back for a bye week in particular it is a good move to pick up a player like a Brandon Oliver but to start him over another player on your roster is a question only the fantasy team can answer. We shall see if Oliver or some other unknown players will be worth having in reserve or putting your new pick up as a new weekly starter.

The season has been going on long enough now to start playing match-ups. If one of your players is going up against one of the worst defensive teams against the run or pass consider benching a player for the week if the match-up offers a great opportunity for fantasy points.

Well, good day and good night. Good luck to all!


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