We are now entering the mid-portion of the season. Denver is once again having a big part in determining who wins your fantasy league. Peyton Manning is having a great season. Due to his precision passing and coach like on the field analysis of the opposition each Bronco player on offense is having an impact. Last night it was Emmanuel Sanders turn. Ronnie Hillman is now showing signs of being the player the Broncos have hoped for. The wide receiver corps of the Broncos is making life miserable for NFL defenses, but it is the leadership and skill level of Peyton Manning that is the key. He is determined to lead Denver back to the Super Bowl and in his wake fantasy owners are negatively impacted by those fantasy teams stocked with Bronco players.

Dallas is the hottest team in the NFC. DeMarco Murray, Romo and Bryant are leading the offense. What is especially surprising is how well their defense is playing. After having a preseason in which their defense could not stop any one they are leading Dallas in what is turning into a surprising season.

The Arizona Cardinals are another surprising team with outstanding coaching and talented players at the skill positions on offense and a solid defense. No one is of yet expecting them to win their division, but watch-out the media and the fans could be in for a season long surprise.

Will anyone challenge the Broncos? Are the Colts for real on defense because they do have the talent on offense to go all the way. In the NFC the Seahawks need to get their act together and the 49ers do not look like the same team.

Well, good luck this week and good day from the fantasy underground.


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