The Democratic Party got their clock cleaned last night. The Republican Party has reason to celebrate not only did they take the Senate but their House majority is their greatest since 1928. Ironically, that was the Republican’s pinnacle of success in the 1920’s. It was also the last time in our history when the income disparity was as great as it is now.

If you didn’t notice many of the winners last night were multi-millionaires. Scott in his campaign for his re-election to be Governor of Florida needed some money in the last week and he whipped out $20 million dollars of his own money to help him seal his re-election bid.

History was re-enacted once again with the out of power party winning an off-year election after a presidential election. Also, clearly the President’s numbers in the states that were up for grabs in the Senate were predominately from states that President Obama only gained 46% of the vote in 2012.

Maybe you all can help me out! What in the world is rural America so upset about? The economy has rebounded to where only 5.9 % is the unemployment level. The debt is down and the Fed is about to remove its stimulus. Compared to Europe, the American economy is booming. The stock market is at record levels. So why is the electorate so angry. Why blame the Democrats for the lack of productivity when it was the Republican obstructionist who helped make the last Congress the least productive in history?

Can any of you tell me what the heck was the Democratic message in this campaign?

If the idea is to give the party out of power in the White House more say then it is incumbent upon the Republican Party to govern and to govern responsibly. If they have no interest in governing we shall have more of the same with the likelihood of the temperature of ideological fervor increasing and our differences enhanced.

It will be fascinating to see if the wily Mitch McConnell can broker deals with President Obama. It will be interesting to see if Senator Cruz torpedoes any chance of compromise by insisting on his way or the highway.
Will anything get done. Will the Republican Party attempt to change Social Security and Medicare? What will the Republicans offer to replace the ACA with?

Some races were candidate specific such as Colorado where the incumbent democratic governor won but Senator Udall lost big. In some cases the vote just was not there from Democrats in the cities across this country.

I am mystified how anyone can elect a Senator Ernst from Iowa! The Senate of the United States is an august body deserving of our best and brightest citizens. It is not a place for just anyone to sit and decide on our future.
At the moment it is hard to be positive when it seems like the richest oligarchs among us are getting elected and making sure that their minions are elected to do their bidding.

There were but few positives for the Democratic Party. They won the key governorship in Pennsylvania and a very interesting woman became governor in Rhode Island.

If the Republican Party is determined to replicate what is going on in Kansas than we are in for it. Lower revenue will guarantee fewer services and more money in the pockets of the richest among us.

In the deep South, Louisiana will see the defeat of the last elected Democrat in the Senate in January. The South seeks to preserve their white social order and their particular brand of religious fundamentalism to the sacrifice of the rights of anyone not white and male.

Is chaos in the offing? Will Republicans be encouraged to seek the impeachment of President Obama? After all he is not white and he is not one of the good old boys? The next two years will be fascinating. I hope to hear from some of you to see what you think about why the election turned out the way it did. Will Hillary Clinton choose to run for President in 2016 in this politically charged atmosphere? We shall see!


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