Hello all out there in the blog world. I must admit I am still disappointed and depressed by the election results of Tuesday November 4, 2014. Elections are important, but you wouldn’t think so from the miserable turnout that took place Tuesday night. We haven’t seen such awful voting stats since the 1940’s.

What does this say about America? One can understand all of our frustrations with the state of the failure of our system of government in getting anything accomplished these last two years. The politics of extremism and personal destruction is a big turnoff as well. But ladies and gentlemen, if the majority of those who vote are the ideologues we all lose.

If you are a women and you did not vote, don’t be surprised if there is a Supreme Court vacancy and as a result of you not voting you will see Roe V. Wade overturned. Welcome back to back alley abortions and the use of coat hangers. Of course if you have money you can always leave the country and get it done in secret. As far as equal pay for equal work or about violence towards women forget it, you’re not voting has given white men the power to deny you your rights.

If you are young, or if you are a member of a minority group good luck with keeping your rights if you stayed home Tuesday. You all who did not vote have now encouraged the extremist to increase voter ID laws. Don’t believe for a moment that it is about voter fraud. Voter ID laws are all about winning elections by keeping you home.

If you are concerned about climate change by not voting you have helped the climate anti-science deniers in power and you’re children and grandchildren are under a greater cloud of uncertainty because you stayed home and did not vote.

If you are a senior hold onto your hat your Social Security and Medicare is now really under threat from those who wish to either eliminate both programs or in the alternative they will seek to privatize both programs or use the clever words of using vouchers.

This Congress will seek to overturn the ACA or what is called Obamacare. Well good luck with that one, won’t you all enjoy a return to a system where if you are poor you can only get care if you go to an emergency room. Or how about a return to pre-existing conditions? Our system of heath care for profit only insured each and every citizen a guarantee of your premiums going up each year so the companies can make ever-increasing profits. It is a system that is only good if you have money.

I am mad as hell that Democrats did not field better candidates in some cases. I am mad as hell that we did not have a message of increasing the minimum wage and getting rid of the huge income inequality that exists today. I am mad that we had no ideas to offer those who live in rural America so that we can better their lives. They need a hand. Their religious faith and their belief in rugged individualism will not answer their problems. The Republican reliance on an individuals selfishness will only cheapen our lives.

I am frustrated and angry that Americans are willing to elect a person such as Ernst from Iowa whose claim to fame was a political ad where she bragged about castrating a pig. Anyone who believes in the conspiracies that she claims are true does not belong in government.

If you are as frustrated as I am that we are hearing more and more about how this is a Christian nation and that there is no separation of church and state then you should be proud of yourselves for staying home because we have just encouraged the religious zealots. We do not need nor want our own religious theocracy in America.

If you are a liberal you really should feel guilty. No President can be perfect nor should we expect perfection. President Obama is not perfect either but wake up and get yourself a coffee and realize that no one could have done more with the outrageous obstructionism that he has undergone. The absolute racism that he has had to face has been awful. Thanks for not voting and for not being courageous enough to stand up for his many accomplishments.

So don’t blame me I voted. If you think things have been bad for the last two years, hold onto your smelling salts things are about to get worse. As Benjamin Franklin once said we have a Republic if we can keep it. We might not keep it if we stay home and not vote. You have the future in your hands to change the problems that we have but if you sit on your hands and don’t participate you only have yourselves to blame for what happens to your country and your community.



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