There is a sickness in America today and it is not Ebola nor the flu. It is partisanship and the denial of reason. How long the fever lasts we do not know. The patient’s condition is growing more and more serious as the fever is increasing. The patient is American democracy and our Republic.

Not since the days preceding the Civil War have we seen such dysfunction, such passion and loss of reason. Civil disobedience is spreading across the land due to injustice. Hate speak is increasing due to the obsession of some against people of color whether they be immigrants or their neighbors. Talk of Impeachment is in the air. Climate volatility is bringing extreme weather to us all but the chorus of denial just gets louder. We are living in a Hobbesian world, a world in which libertarians are doing what he or she sees fit, a selfish existence intended to enhance an individual’s power at the expense of the community.

Beware of those who protest too much about their being too much government for they may very well become the leaders of an authoritarian style government. Those same people who seek order will often become the leaders in a failed democracy that will deprive us all of our rights in the name of order.

It is a turbulent time with the sickness of disquietude spreading across the land. The illness is airborne spread by the disciples of evil, talk radio and Fox News. It is time to break the fever and take back our government from the extremists.

The plague is spreading! Is it because we drink the water with flouride in it or have some of our fellow citizens been drinking or sipping some shine some moonshine?

In the last few weeks our politics has reached a fever pitch of ineptitude with the barker of Barnum’s sucker of the moment, Donald Trump testing our sanity. We have an election coming up to see who will be the leader of the free world. It is not a test to see who can be the insult King.

Has anyone seen Don Rickles? The DONALD makes our favorite Tina Fey character our dear sweet Sarah seem like a rose without the thorns.  A Donald Trump candidacy is really the revenge of the anti-intellectuals, and anti-science people, you know those who are jealous of anyone with an education.

Actually, with the clown car being full now, I would if I were a Republican prefer Tina Fey as President. At least she has a sense of humor.

OOPS, an anti-education candidate reminds me of and sounds a lot like candidate Scott Walker. His campaign to destroy the fine institution of higher education, the University of Wisconsin makes me think he has his own strange personal problems of jealousy and bitterness. Is he for real? He almost promised to start a war on his first day on the job of President of the United States.

My daughter in England must be wondering if we have finally lost all sense of sanity and reason.

Is Donald Trump’s candidacy a symptom, is his popularity among Republicans a sign that our culture has deteriorated so much that it calls into question whether or not we are now witnessing the fall of American greatness? Perhaps the rise of Trump is what we should have expected from the reality TV generation. The louder the voice and the more crude and vulgar the candidate the more the media pays attention and drowns out the voices of the less outrageous politicians.

Democracy and the maintenance of our Republic is a serious business. The idea that anyone could think that Donald Trump could be a legitimate candidate for the toughest job in the world is breathtaking. One wonders what our rivals across the globe are thinking. I know the dog days of summer are here, maybe we are witnessing a collective form of heat stroke or the early signs of our democracy being on life support. Inquiring minds want to know what is up! What is up with America?

Hey Scottie it’s time to beam me up! Would someone wake me up!!!! I am having a nightmare!



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