Come one come all to the 2015 beginnings of the Republican race to the Presidency! There will be plenty of candidates and a few surprises. 2015 will probably be the year for the formal announcement of who will run for the office.

A surprising poll just came out. In the lead was last election’s failed candidate, Mitt Romney. Lagging behind was Jeb Bush with 10%. ¬†Even Governor Christie led the rest of the field of candidates who were bunched together. It is of course way too early to lend any credence to any polls at this time. The interesting part is that none of the hard core conservative candidates could muster over 10%.

Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Huckabee, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio trailed badly in the poll with Marco Rubio picking up the rear.

Who will emerge as the favorite and the candidate is the $20,000 dollar question? Conventional wisdom says that the grassroots voters will demand a conservative as their candidate.

In a surprising bit of news, Senator Rand Paul has a problem. Evidently Kentucky does not allow your name to be on the ballot more than once. Paul has a problem because his senate seat is up in 2016. He must chose which race he will run in. Inquiring minds want to know!

For the Republicans and independents as well as the Democrats, let’s have some fun and pick the candidate. Let’s have our own poll. I wish I had enough money to offer something to the winner or winners of this most interesting pick, who will be the Republican candidate?


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