For the last 5 years we have been witnessing a tyranny of the minority. Well, get ready for a tyranny of the majority.

During these past five years every tactic available to the right wing Republican reactionaries has been used to obstruct and delay anything that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress set out to do. In the Senate they have used the filibuster and the hold extensively. His nominees for federal jobs have been subject to long term delays .

There are many issues that the American people agree on and some of them are heavily supported but have we seen action on these issues in Congress? No!   The President has attempted to deal with these important issues. Instead of cooperation he has had to deal with the fact that no matter what he proposes the reactionary Republicans have refused to cooperate, Compromise has become a dirty word in Congress.

He has  been met with unprecedented disrespect. The disrespect started from his first State of the Union Address, when a member of the House of Representatives interrupted his speech in a very disrespectful way.

There have been several examples of Republicans using extortion to get their way on budgetary matters.  They have used the threat of not extending the debt ceiling and have put the full faith and credit of the dollar at risk. Poison pills have been put into bills that must be passed The threat is there, that if the measure is not passed they will shut down the government, again. This is not governing by consensus. This is tyranny!

Their goal is to drown government in a bathtub; to reduce spending on programs so much that in the process the programs become ineffective or have them disappear.  These reactionary Republicans intend on rolling back government to the days before Franklin Roosevelt.

We have seen since the days of Ronald Reagan middle class income shrinking and the greatest degree of income inequality in our history. They have become corporate apologist and the supporters of the reduction of the rights of minorities and women. But yet after voter suppression efforts they won the election of 2014.

Hold onto your hats for we shall see more intimidation, and more extortion rather than compromise and pragmatism. We shall see a tyranny of the majority. Led by the House of Representatives we will see a flurry of bills passed in the name of conservatism but in reality they will be conserving nothing and dismantling the social safety net we have. And all the while they will postulate that the President and the Democratic Party have become obstructionists.

This is not governing this is tyranny. The new majority will not respect the rights of all of our citizens but rather they will do the bidding of the wealthiest among us. They will seek to rid government of those nasty regulations that have kept our air clean and our water drinkable. They will seek to defund Obamacare, even though millions of Americans now have health insurance that they did not have before.

All during these next few years these reactionaries will continue to claim that we have a dictator in our President who has and will according to them exceed his authority. But ladies and gentlemen, he is our President. He is the only one in government elected to represent all of us. Let us hope that he has sharpened his veto pen for the deluge of worthless legislation we are about to receive.

In order to protect the rights of the middle class, the Democratic Party will be forced to deny these reactionary Republicans the opportunity to shrink government to the level of making it useless. If these reactionaries would have their way, the oligarchs and the bankers would gain even greater power to the detriment of the people. These next two years will be tough ones. Let us hope that our Republic or what is left of it, survives.


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