The last State of the Union Address included a passage on the threat of Cyber warfare. Congress when they reconvene needs to finally take action to help protect America from cyber attacks.

The North Korean attack on Sony pictures is only the tip of the iceberg on how dangerous cyber warfare can be to mankind. It was reported today that North Korea is now messing with the South Korean Nuclear Power plant facilities.

Any country’s water supply or electrical supply can be hacked along with nuclear plants and who knows what else. Something must be done to protect our national security regarding this important new form of warfare.

With the assistance of China, we may be able to change North Korea’s behavior. China has influence over North Korea, and even they are reputedly growing tired of their neighbor’s rogue state actions. China can be of help in moderating North Korea’s act.

National Security should never be a partisan issue. If the Republican Party is serious about governing this issue offers the perfect opportunity to show that they were serious about governing rather than obstructing. Their is nothing controversial about approving funding for the needed work on cyber security.

Regretfully, America was reputed to use cyber warfare against the Iranian nuclear program. We opened up Pandora’s box and let the genie out.

International law needs to keep up with these new forms of terror and extortion. We fail to act only at our peril.


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