Republicans like to talk about how government intrudes into our daily lives. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Republicans are the worst offenders. They want to regulate our social and religious moral structure.

The former senator from Pennsylvania, Rick Santorum wants to prohibit the use of contraception. Talk about government intrusion into our private lives. Sorry, Rick, abstinence does not work. Stay out of my house and my bedroom. It is none of the government’s business what a person does regarding contraception. For Catholics who choose to not have contraception, that is their right. But for any candidate to support the end of contraception as a means of birth control, well, that is just nuts and frankly none of any government’s business.

In fact, we have a history of social prohibitions against behavior that has not worked. Certain religious groups led to the passage of the 18th Amendment. The prohibition against the sale of booze. Well, that really worked, not. You can not legislate against morality by their dictating whether you can drink or not. It just will never work.

Before you know it, they’ll tell us who to and who to not marry. Oops, they tried that once. Talk about freedom, there is nothing that illustrates more about freedom than to have the freedom to do what you want as long it is not a crime within your own house. This is why warrants are required and why the idea of being the king of queen of your castle came from.

Their doctrine of controlling our individual behavior regarding sex and having children or not having children goes against who we humans are in nature, and what is part of human nature. They would have use the Bible in some obscure passages in the old Testament ban equality for women and for people of color. Republicans protest too much about liberty being denied when in fact they are the biggest advocates for the denial of basic liberties and freedoms.

But yet, so-called conservatives are against taxation. Taxes provide money to pave the roads and have traffic lights work and a whole lot of social benefits. They are against providing for and promoting the general welfare, which is part of our Constitution.

We hear people like Pat Robertson want to have the People ruled by Biblical law. Which Biblical laws are we talking about, only those that are in the Old Testament?

In Chino, California, a lawsuit is in the works regarding having a prayer start their public school board meetings. Which prayer would be acceptable to all? Let us not dictate our beliefs on others but recognize the different beliefs that are out there. Let us be tolerant of others whose religious beliefs might be non existing.

Evolution is now being banned from classrooms as well as certain books being banned from schools. Tyranny abounds! Science and reason are being denied.

Conservatism should be about preserving what is good. Conservatism should never be about forcing ones social and religious beliefs on citizens. Where is the freedom in that?


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