The House of Representatives has just passed as part of another bill, a back door effort that will effect the funding of Social Security Disability. An accounting measure that has been used for years to transfer money is to be disallowed. Questions arise, what is the Republican intent in passing such a measure? Do they want to end the disability program or tighten who would receive disability benefits? These questions need to be answered and we as citizens need to demand the truth from the Representatives in Washington on what is their real intent.

The Republican Party has never supported Social Security so if you are a senior or a person with a physical or mental disability that keeps you from gainful employment watch out. Your benefits are at risk. Ladies and gentlemen do not take for fact their claim that Social Security is going bankrupt. Nonsense!

Their plan is to cut funding and to up the standards for who would be deemed disabled. These stalwarts of providing for the general welfare, NOT, are up to no good.

If you look at what they are doing with the Post Office, you will take note of the fact that they are short changing the Post Office of needed funding. If you do that your claim of the Post Office going bankrupt becomes a self fulfilling prophesy.

The object of any government is to do no harm to any of its citizens in an intentional way. What would Republicans have happen to people who are disabled if government, our government did nothing to help people who can’t help themselves?

Maybe, just maybe, we are seeing a return to the outmoded,  shopworn and cruel notion that if you are poor, sick or disabled you should not be taken care of because of natural selection. One would think that Social Darwinism had died along with Spencer and others who came up with this cruel and inhumane idea, a long time ago.

Gee, we hear from Republicans that we can’t afford to take care of people. But yet, they are the first Congresspersons to support the purchase of airplanes that cost over 100 million per person, but no we can’t afford to help those who can’t help themselves. What utter rubbish, that we hear from supposed Christians.

This  must be that new form of Christianity, the Church of what’s happening now. The Gospel of it is okay to be rich and the hell with the rest of God’s flock.

If we do away with Social Security Disability, Social Security Insurance Retirement Benefits can not be far behind. Be afraid be very afraid!


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